Stages of Being

Stages of Being.jpg

This chart shows the stages or levels of all types of conscious beings. It can be seen through science that life on Earth evolved stage by stage. I speculate, through means of this chart, that life has evolved through stages shown by Aries through Scorpio and that we, as beings, are on the threshold of a major shift and actually have 4 more stages ahead of us:

Aries stage: The formation of individuality unique from the total consciousness of space. Atoms, planets and stars first come into existence.

Taurus stage: The development of bodies such as plants and vegetation. Individual beings form working relationships.

Gemini stage: The development of the mind and senses. Creatures such as insects come into being who are capable of movement and action.

Cancer stage: The development of feelings. Creatures who are capable of feeling such as fish come into existence.

Leo stage: The development of will power. Creatures such as reptiles, dinosaurs and birds who assert themselves aggressively come into existence.

Virgo stage: The development of intelligence. Mammals capable of problem solving come into existence.

Libra stage: The development of abstract thinking and self-awareness. Humans capable of philosophical thought come into existence.

Scorpio stage: The development of desire and intuition. Humans designed many inventions in order to control nature for personal use. This stage began when the "serpent entered the Garden of Eden" in the Fertile Crescent, some 11,000 years ago during the Great Age of Scorpio (when the constellation of Aries entered Scorpio). 

Sagittarius stage: The development of God Consciousness, the consciousness of life. The stage of the bodhisattva begins, presumably in higher spheres of life. Intergalactic societies.

Capricorn stage: The development of Power. The stage of mastery and godliness where the forces of life are controlled by the individual. Conscious creation.

Aquarian stage: The development of Oneness. The stage of understanding and joining life's purposes. Taking responsibility for the development of life.

Piscean stage: The development of Bliss. The stage of Nirvana begins. Presumably, the individual ceases to take form and becomes life itself. A new universe is born within the consciousness of this being. A new cycle begins.

A major shift occurs at the transition from each water sign to the proceeding fire sign. Beings at the fire sign stage have little contact with the previous water sign phase. At Cancer, water beings struggle to attain a new existence on land. At Scorpio, human beings struggle to attain a new existence in the mental realm.