The Astrology Code

A New Research Project Testing All of the Major Western Astrological Techniques Used Today

13,000 people in 80 categories were analyzed using:

The Tropical Zodiac's Signs, Quadrants, Elements, and Modes, the 9th Harmonic of the Zodiac, Planetary Aspects, Planets on the Axis Points, Planetary Motion, Midpoints, and more...

Unmistakable statistical evidence was found showing that the positions of the planetary bodies of our solar system are indicators of a person’s character traits and life events. 

A model of how our solar system represents our consciousness was discovered.

The solar, lunar, daily, and inter-planetary cycles are shown to all follow the same pattern.

Many major discoveries were found:

  • The interpretations of Libra and Aquarius have been mistakenly reversed: Libra is the most intellectual, Aquarius is the most charismatic.
  • Virgo (not Scorpio) is the most sexual sign.
  • Scorpio is the most introspective sign.
  • The value of the Rising Sign has been overestimated since it has a highly lopsided distribution in the signs.
  • 9th Harmonic charts yield incredibly important information.
  • The 36th Harmonic is the dominant planetary aspect pattern.
  • The Sidereal (constellation based) zodiac is without influence.
  • The many house systems (diurnal cycle) in use today are counterintuitive and ineffectual.
  • Traditional planetary rulerships of signs have little correlation to the signs where planets are actually strongest or weakest.
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