Spiritual Thoughts

Spiritual Thoughts

1. The physical universe is centered around a higher dimension, a mental plane which organizes and contains the universe. We experience this dichotomy between the mental and physical planes every moment of our lives.  It is simply being aware (mental) of life (physical).

2. The universe is a projection of our whole mind and exists through our individual minds. The only thing that could be said to exist is the mind, since everything appears and disappears within it.

3. When we have an impulse, a desire, a thought, we immediately think "I", as if they source in the individual self. In fact, their source is the deeper self - of which there is only one. It is the thinker, the decision-maker.

4. The miracle is that, from within ourself, we could isolate our own consciousness into separate experiences, simultaneously, then fill each conscious self with external and internal sensations, thus, creating life-forms in a variety of realities.

5. Waking life is but an open-eye dream. That is why mystics close their eyes to awaken.

6. To dream better dreams, focus on your highest visions of yourself. Do not be conquered by feelings of inadequacy. You are the Daydreamer!

7. Personal fulfillment is achieved by refining one's character. Character is made up of three primary elements: Love, Wisdom, and Power.

8. In order to achieve one's desire, we must allow it to not exist in our lives. Thereby, allowing life to manifest our desire in its proper time, as we work towards its achievement.

9. Divine will is felt as a righteousness inside of you.  Ignoring your inner feelings is resisting God. The intellect, through reason, is often used to ignore your inner feelings. Use the intellect to listen to your inner voice. God will provide ample evidence of its presence. Through increasing confidence and trust, oneness will be experienced.

10. Why do so many reject this idea of a higher self? For some, it is because we do not like each other enough to accept our unity.  For others, it is because we are afraid of losing our individuality, specialness and free will.  Others associate the higher self with antiquated concepts of a separate, judgmental god and see no real evidence.

11. The question of fate vs. free will only occurs to the mind which thinks itself to be separate from the whole. We are one being with one will, who freely chooses its fate.

12. The perception of chaos only exists to those without inner vision. All that exists was first a thought. Therefore, all existence is ordered. 

13. The struggle for creativity is that of bringing thought into reality, which can appear as chaos.

14. There are three types of truth: eternal, relative, and individual. Truths such as love and oneness are eternal. The physical laws and properties of a given universe are relative truths. Our personal experiences are individual truths.

15. Consciousness of a problem begins its resolution. Awareness of its cause presents the solution.

16. The ego separates our mind from that which gives us life. The ego is a cocoon, an egg.

17. Fear is the resistance to experience. When we embrace experience, we find it not to be painful as we thought. Resistance is futile.

18. Surrender your expectations and you will get results.

19. Be true to yourself and others will love you.

20. Intuition is a stream which flows through the heart. Opening the heart is the ultimate act of self-love. It says “I trust myself.”

21. The inner eye sees its ideal. Life molds you towards its ideal.

22. Pain strips you naked and allows you to put on something new.

23. Express yourself and turn God loose.

24. Pleasure is a magnet towards your goal.

25. True love is seeing the innate value and essence of life, and spreads like a fragrance over everything.

26. Change does not initiate in the mind. The mind reflects the heart.

27. You could never prove your worth, only know it.

28. I am not here, here is what I am.

29. We don’t move through space, space moves through us.

30. To be under control, surrender control.

31. Live in the contentedness of knowing your Heart’s Desires will come true, because they are your true will!

32. I am the Eternal Witness of God’s Beauty… My Life.

33. Love the world as you love yourself and you will see no difference. Love yourself and not the world and you will see only difference.