The Way

The Way

In order to achieve one's desire, we must allow it to not exist in our lives. Thereby, allowing life to manifest our desire in its proper time.

If you want to have wisdom, you must admit that you are ignorant.

If you want to know immortality, you must accept your mortality. For, they exist together.

If you want to be intelligent, you must lose the attachment to reason. Only then are you open to fresh insights.

If you want to be creative, you must learn to be still and wait for inspiration.

If you want to have peace, you must not be lazy. This way, nothing is left undone.

If you want to be harmonious, you need to listen to your feelings for guidance.

If you want health, you must not avoid sickness. For, this thought is rooted in fear, which is the greatest poison.

If you want to have love, you must embrace solitude. This way, life will bring a true love when you are ready and you will not rush into unsatisfying relationships.

If you want to be liked, you must allow others to be themselves. This way, they will not be adversarial to you. When you judge others, you are blind to their goodness and, thereby, cannot experience it. 

If you want to be attractive, do not spend too much time on your looks. This is seen by others as doubt, which is unattractive.

If you want good sex, you must not grasp for it. This gives your partners the freedom to pursue you in their own way.


If you want money and success, you must allow yourself to have little while you quietly pursue your goals. Feelings of futility lead to the fear of failure and the experience of being judged.

If you want to be influential, be humble and learn how your field of interest functions. This is when you develop your talents.

Affirm the knowledge that you are worthwhile, since the universe maintains you and the universe is not stupid. 

Only when you drop the need to be special, will you truly feel special and see the specialness of your life.


If you want to be a good parent, you must trust your children to the fullest extent possible. The freedom to make their own decisions enables them to learn about and improve themselves.

Show love and do not burden them with advice. They will seek out your knowledge if they sense it in you. And, if your character is good, they will seek to emulate you.